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Air Conditioning - Ducted Reverse Cycle

The ducted refrigerated air conditioner is the ultimate in air conditioning providing unobtrusive, quiet climate control. These systems are completely flexible and can be customised for any application. Importantly, they represent the best value for money when comparing the available area they can air condition versus the capital cost.

The Residential product range includes both the standard Classic Series and the High Efficiency ESP - Energy Smart Performance range of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems from a 100% Australian owned and managed company.

When you choose the comfort of an Actron Air system you have the peace of mind in year round reliability and performance. After keeping you cool all summer, your ActronAir ducted system can switch effortlessly to the reverse cycle to keep you warm and cosy all Winter.

Classic Series - ActronAir's Classic reverse cycle ducted air conditioning uses standard cycling technology to maintain a constant temperature in your home with the option of zoning to further increase the efficiency and flexibility of the system.

ESP Plus - ActronAir with ESP-Energy Smart Performance incorporates the latest digital technology to deliver improved energy efficiency. Delivering faster heating and cooling using just the right amount of power needed. This is made possible thanks to the digital compressor with variable capacity. It can instantly adjust the heating and cooling output anywhere within its 10-100% capacity range. Combined with Variable Fan Technology the ESP Plus system can sense when zones are switched on or off and intuitively adjust the airflow and system capacity. This delivers the right amount of conditioned air to the zones that are on, decreasing excess air velocity and associated noise and significantly reducing energy use.

ESP Ultima - For the ultimate in air conditioning comfort, now you have the flexibility of controlling different temperatures in different zones with ActronAir ESP Ultima. For example, while a rumpus room full of active kids might require a cooler temperature, a lounge room can have a warmer temperature at the same time as a baby sleeps comfortably in its bedroom at another different temperature. And with the addition of up to 8 individual zone temperature controllers, you can put the ideal environment at your fingertips in virtually any area of your home.


For over 80 years, Daikin has invested heavily in research and development, with the sole aim of delivering more effective climate control for you and your family. Daikin technologies help make Daikin air conditioners more energy efficient, powerful and easy to use.

Daikin Premium Inverter can comfortably operate across a wide range of power outputs, continually adjusting its heating or cooling capacity to suit the temperature in your home. The Premium Inverters advanced technology means it is more powerful, so your desired room temperature is reached more quickly than with conventional systems. Daikin's Premium Inverter ensures that as the set temperature is achieved, it is constantly maintained, allowing your unit to operate optimally at all times and minimising energy consumption.



Working to keep you and your family comfortable all year round

A Samsung Inverter reverse cycle ducted air conditioner is designed to enable each room in your home to be cooled or heated by one system. Ducted systems are also relatively unobtrusive as the conditioned air is distributed through ducts hidden in your roof space to outlets in the ceiling of each room.

Intelligent and effective air

Samsung's Smart Inverter technology maintains the ideal temperature without constantly shutting off and switching on the compressor. It automatically adjusts the capacity of the system to cope with almost any temperature variances, helping to ensure that you experience minimal temperature fluctuation for optimal comfort.

Comfortable, reliable air

Samsung Ducted Air Conditioners are designed to keep working, even on those extremely hot or cold days. With an operating range of -15°C to +46°C outside air temperature for cooling and -20°C to +24°C for heating you can be assured that your unit will work when you need it most.



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